Protecting our Industries

Investing in restoring Louisiana’s wetlands will protect thousands of local jobs associated with critical infrastructure. Wetlands act as a buffer for water and wave energy, reducing flood risk and helping keep communities safe. By restoring and protecting wetlands, we are protecting these vital industries and the jobs associated with them.

Existing infrastructure in the state supports essential industries like energy production, transportation and shipping. However, the region’s roads, railways, refineries and ports are susceptible to extreme weather events and the associated wind and storm surge damage. More than two dozen states in the Mississippi River watershed send their exports through the mouth of the Mississippi River, which makes restoration of its delta a key insurance strategy for our nation’s export economy.

Without action to protect its infrastructure from sea level rise and future storms, the Gulf Coast could face cumulative economic damages of some $350 billion according to a report from Entergy and McKinsey & Company. The report further estimates that 3 percent of annual GDP will be needed for reconstruction activities.

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Investing in coastal restoration in the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf Coast provides quadruple economic returns by protecting jobs in these key industries and also creating new jobs through the restoration economy– jobs that support a growing global demand for innovation in this field.