A Healthy Coast Supports a Healthy Economy

Protecting Vital Business Sectors

Many business sectors directly or indirectly benefit from a healthy Mississippi River Delta. The state of Louisiana supports the U.S. economy by providing:

The direct connection between the health of the Mississippi River Delta ecosystem and the economic health of the Gulf and nation, coupled with the Louisiana land loss crises, underscores the urgent need for coastal restoration.  The pending influx of money from the RESTORE Act and other payments resulting from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill must address these needs.

Creating a Restoration Economy

Restoration first and foremost protects vital industries, associated jobs and communities. It also offers the significant promise of creating a restoration economy driven by the jobs, innovation and growth opportunities for firms involved in restoration work.

The restoration effort will engage firms specializing in design, engineering, construction, equipment manufacture and transport services. Recent reports from two independent economic research firms show that investing in typical coastal restoration projects will:

  • Support the growing restoration sector, which already provides direct jobs for 297 businesses in 39 states.
  • Benefit mostly small and medium-sized businesses, which are critical to restoring the overall economy and local communities.
  • Rejuvenate older businesses with greater opportunities for innovation and new market potential.
  • Make the Gulf region a global leader in coastal restoration capabilities that could be applied throughout the world’s threatened coastal regions.

These reports demonstrate the myriad economic benefits that could potentially benefit the entire value chain of companies involved in coastal restoration, artificial oyster reef creation and geosynthetics used in coastal management.

Good restoration projects are urgently needed, to stop coastal erosion and to protect existing jobs and communities. The great news is that as restoration creates those results, it will also create new jobs in the restoration economy.