This website is designed as a resource for businesses that understand and support the urgent need for coastal restoration in Louisiana. Every hour, Louisiana loses an area of land the size of one football field. Many sectors vital to our economy – including oil and gas, transportation, fisheries and tourism – depend on a healthy Gulf ecosystem, and many leaders in those industries are increasingly speaking out in support of coastal restoration. ‘Business as usual’ won’t work if we hope to save our coastal wetlands.

In May, 2014, 150 Louisiana businesses, business associations, economic development groups, civic and stakeholder groups joined a letter in support of Louisiana HB 490, which would help ensure that the state's Coastal Fund is used solely for coastal protection and restoration, as intended.

We provide the nuts and bolts – news, economic data, policy updates and other resources – for business leaders to stay abreast of what needs to happen next in restoration process.

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This site was created by Environmental Defense Fund through our work with business leaders and economic development groups in the coastal parishes. We’d like to thank our many business partners, including GNO, Inc.