Cast 3 MOMs

Maximum storm surge from the worst-case Category 3 hurricane, as predicted by NOAA. Image courtesy/NOAA

Bob Marshall, writing for The Lens, reports on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s latest predictions of worst-case scenario flooding from Cat 3 storm. The new maps show a shocking level of flooding in Louisiana well beyond the coastal parishes. “It drowns everything in the bottom of Louisiana’s ‘boot,’ from Slidell to Lafayette and north to Baton Rouge.’

The maps are from NOAA”s Storm-Surge Inundation webpage and are intended to give planners, emergency response personnel, residents and businesses a tool to assess their risks.

While not new information, these maps are a stark reminder that coastal restoration is urgently needed not just to protect coastal parishes but all business sectors throughout Louisiana that depend on a healthy gulf ecosystem.(Dec. 21, 2015)