Restoring the Mississippi River Delta will protect our businesses

Coastal wetlands in Louisiana are disappearing at the rate of a football field an hour. That puts coastal cities, communities and unique ecosystems at increased risk from hurricanes and rising sea levels. It also threatens thousands of businesses and jobs along the Gulf Coast and across the country, as well as the billions of dollars the region contributes to the U.S. economy each year.

Many business sectors directly or indirectly benefit from the Mississippi River Delta ecosystem. The state of Louisiana supports the U.S. economy by providing:

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Ralph Brennan speaks to the importance of Louisiana wetlands.


The voice of the business community is imperative to ensure that decision makers make the right choices for the protection and continued success of Gulf Coast economies, communities and ecosystems. As a business impacted by coastal land loss, you can help support coastal restoration by joining our informal network and signing up to get policy updates and news about opportunities to engage on these issues.

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